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Eugene from Waterloo                       Posted: Sep 10, 2015

Kitchen Renovation, Doorway Arches, Painting

There is only one most important thing to look for in a contractor and that is trust. From the beginning we gave Lisandro lots of trust and he has proven himself throughout the renovation to be worthy of that trust. We hadn't moved into our house yet and lived in a different city, so he did the renovations without us being around. In fact, we only checked in 2 times during the 4 weeks of renovations, and the 3rd time, he was done! On time, on budget. He sent lots of photos and communicated with us very clearly the status and all the details of the work. Every task was done properly and we were very satisfied with the end result.

Of course, there are other things to look for in a contractor besides trust, and Lisandro gets perfect ratings on everything. If you knew me personally, you would understand that I never give perfect ratings to anybody, and then you will know how rare it is to find somebody who's that good. Yes, Lisandro is that good. In moving into our new house, we've had to deal with a half-dozen services, and Lisandro was the best, by far.

One characteristic of Lisandro's that really stood out for me was how patient he was with us. He never seemed to be in a rush and always had time to carefully answer all our questions. This is such a rare courtesy and every other contractor should learn from his example.

We are looking forward to hiring him again for future renovations. You should definitely hire him!




Nancy From Baden            Posted: Nov 18, 2019


Basement Renovation

Lisandro Donan is a knowledgeable, skilled professional and true craftsman. From our initial contact until the day the work was completed, we knew that we had struck gold.

Lisandro sets high standards for himself. He is a respectful and clear communicator! Every aspect of the project revealed his meticulous attention to detail, his pride of workmanship and his ability to make necessary adjustments in a timely fashion.

We were so confident that Lisandro was more than equal to the job that we packed our bags, handed him the key and went on vacation for several weeks. A trustworthy and honourable man does not need to be supervised but he should be praised for inspiring such well deserved confidence. Look no further if you want to engage the services of a man of integrity.


Nicholas from Kitchener       Posted: Jul 24, 2017

Bathroom Renovation


Working with Lisandro was a pleasure right from the start! He is super friendly, punctual and a very good communicator which really made me feel comfortable throughout the project. His attention to detail and honesty was well appreciated. I should add that he did a fantastic job on my bathroom and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out! I will definitely look to L.P Donan Construction for all my future home renovation needs!





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